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Q-eat is an application that focuses on product traceability.
Juri Pogliani, the CEO of Q-eat, has many years of experience in the food industry, especially in the fish industry. The project was born from the desire to get on the side of the consumer and accompany him in choosing the right restaurant, especially when you want to enjoy raw fish, tuna or salmon.


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Our Mission

“When the company was founded, it had been years since my team and I had worked in the food industry. We knew how the food business was run, what was behind it. Customers barely had a vague, rough idea. In recent years, the need to know more about what we eat and the attention to products have, fortunately, increased. What is missing for enthusiasts are the tools to satisfy this need. That’s why we decided to make it ourselves. 

We have developed a software able, first of all, to help you choose the best restaurant through the quality of the products used. All relying on transparency and traceability. We want to help fans of seafood to make the right choice, identifying the restaurant that respects sustainability and buys the best products. You are guaranteed to know where you are going to eat.

Juri Pogliani, CEO


How we do it

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Our infrastructure is able, thanks to partnerships with the large-scale food distribution companies, to tell you in real time what you are eating, where it comes from, whether it is fresh or frozen and its expiry date.



We have decided, in order to be on the side of the consumer, to give you a clear rating. The rating in terms of quality of the products purchased and used by the restaurant contributes to the final evaluation together with the reviews that you users have written.



We are expanding throughout Italy, today the affiliated restaurants are mostly in Milan and Rome. We aim to expand throughout the territory and provide security wherever you are.



You will have, through our app, the ability to make reservations at restaurants that have joined our network.


Why do we talk about Sustainability?

We want to be on the side of consumers but also of the sea, when it comes to seafood. We value sustainable fishing and for this reason we have formed a fundamental partnership with Friend Of The Sea. Friend of the Sea is a project of the World Sustainability Organization, an international NGO that carries out a humanitarian mission of environmental protection. Friend of the Sea has become the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment. 

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